10 of the Richest Skateboarders

Photo: Naoki Tomeno from flickr. CC BY 2.0 license.

Skateboarders and longboarers love their kick flips, ollies, and airborne acrobats. And so do viewers.

According to data from 2013, there were more than 6 million skateboarders in the United States. That’s a whole lot of people. And that’s a who lot of money being spend on the best skateboard or longboard equipment, such as decks, trucks, wheels, bearings.

There’s tons of sites dedicated to reviews. Here are a list of 6 resources to get your started. Then, we’ll look at who’s the money in skateboarding and longboarding.

‘Who’s in the money?’

Below are 10 skateboarders who have done well for themselves. Salary figures come from therichest.com/sports/other-sports/top-10-richest-skateboarders-in-the-world/

Anthony Mosley

Mosley, who has a net worth of $10 million, started skateboarding at 13 years old and at 16 years old made it a career.

Lance Mountain

Back in the ’80s, Lance Mountain was a top notch skateboarder and noted as a pioneer of street and vertical skating.

He also is an entrepreneur, creating the fingerboard — a miniature skateboard that you can use with your fingers.

His net worth is $10 million

Eric Koston

Back in 1993, Eric Koston turned pro. He has sponsorships with the biggest names in the business and has a net worth of $15 million.

Brandon Biebel, one of Koston’s teammates, describes Koston as the “Michael Jordan of skateboarding.”

Tony Alva

Tony Alva, whose net worth is $15 million, is an influential skateboarder and entrepreneur.

One of his claims to fame was being able to “hit the lip” while he was skating with a lot of speed and catapult himself airborne.

Rob Dyrdek

Rob Dyrdek is more than a skateboarder: He’s a entrepreneur, producer, and pop TV star.

Dyrdek’s name is in the Guinness World Records book for skateboarding at least 21 times.

Chad Muska

Chad Muska is a DJ, entrepreneur, and pro skateboarder, who’s estimated net worth is $16 million.

With sponsors lined up, Muska has also been portrayed in a video game.

Ryann Allen Sheckler

Still in his early 20s, Ryan Allen Sheckler has a net worth of $16 million. He’s amassed his money through sponsors, skateboarding, and reality shows.

He has also done philanthropic work, starting a foundation to provide assistance to needy kids and injured athletes.

Rodney Mullen

One of the most influential skaters, Rodney Mullen invented more than 30 skateboarding tricks. If you’ve ever done a kick flip, impossible, heel flip, or flatground ollie, you’re doing a trick he invented.

Mullen is a public speaker, skateboarder, and businessman.

Stavros Niarchos III

Stavros Niarchos III’s net worth is of $100 million — which was given to him by his grandfather who was a multi-billionaire shipping tycoon.

Despite being a skateboarder with money, Niarchos is good at kiteboarding and has his choice in high profile women.

Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk was a pioneer in modern vertical skateboarding and is one of the richest ‘boarders around. His wealth came from skateboarding sponsorships and acting.

He was credited as the first person to rotate 900 degrees, while on a skateboard, in the air.

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